Anna Archinger

How did I come to where I am today? This article is about my journey up till now. What kept me motivated? What frustrated me? Learn more about my journey. When people hear my story about the short time I have spent with photography in general and horse photography in particular, they sometimes wonder how […]


December 16, 2022

Between passion and frustration – how I became a horse photographer

dog photography session copenhagen

“Wouldn’t pictures be prettier with summer fur?” “Aren’t the trees much more beautiful when they’re green? “ “But the sun doesn’t shine at all in January!” I know these questions and prejudices all too well.  The prevailing opinion is, unfortunately, that beautiful horse photos can only be taken in the summer. I see it quite […]


November 7, 2022

What Is The Best Time To Take Horse Pictures? 

White and black Horse Photo

I got to capture the Danish Paint Horse Championship 2022. Read more about my experience in the western world and enjoy some of my pictures from that weekend. Social Media can open doors. That happened to me when I met Jeanne Olsen, owner of Dream Performance Horses, in 2022 in a Facebook group. After I […]


October 26, 2022

About Cowgirls, Western Horses and A Girl With A Camera