Have you been one of the girls, having horse posters on their wall when they were younger?

I was ! I always had animal posters from those kids magazines on my walls. Even when my friends started to switch to stars, I sticked with the animals.

If you are like me, here are some good news for you: Pictures from a Fotoshootings with me can be printed, even in poster size. So we never have to grow out of the "animals at the wall"-phase 

Bring Home Beautiful Memories

How does it work?




Send me an email with the preferred size(s) to print and we I send you an estimate invoice.



All my pictures get printed in a store of my trust. I love to support local businesses and actually I have big advantages of it. They don't ship the prints, so I always pick them up myself. I know the guys behind the machines from those several pick-ups, and they know me as well. Which is nice, because they make sure to deliver the quality I demand for my business and in case something is not right or seems to be off with my print data, they ask me or fix it for me. I don't think I would get this service from an anonymous online printer!

Once I receive the order I will do the quality check and ship the order to your  address and the details will be shared on email.


Once you will pay the invoice I will place the order at my local vendor and handle everything from there.

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 + a Handlingfee of 60 DKK
+ Shipping Costs

12 DKK
60 DKK
120 DKK
280 DKK
298 DKK
398 DKK

10 x 15 cm
15 x 21 cm 
20 x 30 cm 
30 x 45 cm 
40 x 60 cm 
50 x 75 cm 



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