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for your photo session



  • Photo Shooting with you and your horse up to 45 minutes
  • A selection of 40 - 70 pictures you can choose of

Book NOW

Book NOW

You want to have some beautiful pictures of your horse or dog but want to keep all financial possibilities open? This package is for you! You pay upfront only for the costs of the session itself. The amount of pictures and prints you buy afterwards is completely up to you! No package price, no prints you don't need and no compromise. Full flexibility for you and your bank account!
Travel costs: The first 20 km (starting in Villingerød) are inclusive, for every following kilometer I charge 4 DKK.
What's Included?

590 kr

3.300 kr

Possible additional purchases


  • Photo Shooting with you and your horse up 
         to 2 hours
  • Include your dog, second horse or favorite human as well
  • A selection of 80 - 100 pictures you can choose of 
  • 15 edited pictures in print and web resolution
  • 4 professionally printed pictures (30 x 20 cm)
  • 1 professionally printed poster (50 x 70 cm)

You want the photo shooting with VIP factor? A package, that leaves no wishes open? Then the Horse Package Premium is your choice. Experience the full magic of what it means to create memories that last for a lifetime - without even thinking of having to buy extra pictures 
What's Included?


Loyalty discount: I love to follow your journey and visit you more than once to take pictures with you and your animal! Book me for a second photo session and you will receive a 15% discount on your end price! 
You are searching for the perfect gift for a horse or dog owner and? you found it right here! Give a giftcard for a photo session and you found the most unique gift! Contact me to order your voucher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

None of the packages fits for me, can I still contact you?

Of course! It was the easiest to offer packages, but of course wen can find an individual pricing solution for you.

Can I also reorder pictures at a later time?

Your picture selection will stay in the cloud. This means, you will be able to reorder pictures at any time. You can't find the link to your gallery anymore or something is not working? Send me a message. I of course have all your pictures stored and will help you out!

I can't drive with my horse, can we still make nice pictures?

Trust me, nice locations are just a "nice to have". Every stable I have visited so far had at least one corner that was perfect for pictures. It takes very little for me to create something nice. We definitely don't need to drive anywhere!

How do I pay?

After receiving your pictures you will receive your invoice via mail and SMS. I am offering MobilePay and wire transfer.

How far do you travel?

I basically am willing to come to you, wherever you are. Of course with distance come travel costs (4 DKK per kilometer). But here is a trick: find someone else in your area and we can organize an appointment at the same day. That way you can split the travel costs. If you cant find anyone, contact me anyway. Maybe I have already an appointment in the same area and we can combine things.

I would like my pictures to be framed, is that possible?

Of course! Basically there is very little that is impossible. Just drop me a message and we will figure it out.

I have another kind of animal I want to have taken pictures of. Is that okay?

Sure! Dogs and horses are the most common, but I would also take pictures of your sheep, turtle or lizzard if you want to. Let's have a chat.

What do I need to prepare?

Before we meet, you will receive a checklist from me with the things you need to prepare for the photo shooting. Don't you worry, nothing fancy! Things like "Clean the horse and tack" and "lets find an outfit that would fit for the pictures".

What daytime will the photo shooting be?

Many of my pictures are taken while sunrise or sunset. On a sunny day this is the best time for pictures. Of course also other daytimes are possible, but be prepared, that I will ask you in the summertime if we can meet at 4 am!