And I am here, to create the memories for you that you always wished for. But why animals? I am a dog owner myself and also have completely fallen for horses. I am surrounded by them all day long (literally - I am living on a horse farm). So it was kind of a low hanging fruit. But I had no idea what would grow out of it. 

Sometimes I tried to take pictures of something else. Landscape, humans, architecture etc. But funny as it is, nothing touches my heart like a picture of an animal, catched in the perfect moment, surrounded by stunning light, creating that perfect feeling. So it became my profession. And I don’t want to change anything about it. Every horse or dog owner I meet has their own story. I love to hear about them and turn them into pictures. What is your story? 

This is me - Horse girl, Dog person and passionate about photography. 

My little dog Toffee is always by my side and I am living on a horse farm. Now wonder I also chose animals as my main object in photography. 

It all started with Toffee. I love this little special dog to pieces and when I don't have her with me, I feel like I am missing an arm. A very gifted friend of mine once took pictures of her and me and I can tell you - I was the happiest person. To know, that I have those precious memories forever? This can't be measured in gold. So I decided I want to do the same - create memories for other animal owners. 

A life without animals? Unimaginable for me.

 I don’t want to just take any nice pictures. It has to be your picture. Your memory with your animal. The greatest compliments for my work are words like “Wow! This look is exactly him. That’s the way I want to remember him forever!”. Some horses are energized. Then we use that and take pictures in movement. Some are already older and wont move so much anymore. Then it’s going to be nice portrait pictures. You see, my goal is to get the pictures that reflect you and your horse. We don’t have to follow any standards. Just your wishes, your horses possibilities and what we have fun with. That’s what we’ll do. 

This is what makes my work special.

Let's have a quick chat to know about you and your horse. 

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